Since 1990, Advanis has been building 'best of breed' custom research capabilities in quantitative market research. The company's roots lie at the intersection of three seemingly separate disciplines: information systems & technology, econometric theory and management science.

Advanis' founders have contributed their diverse expertise to Advanis' vision and direction since the company's inception. The result is a uniquely balanced outlook, complemented by uniquely balanced enthusiasms: an obsession for leveraging technology's potential for automation and immediacy, coupled with a commitment to breaking new ground in consumer behavior research methods - all focused squarely on delivering results that business leaders can actually use to effect change in their organizations and industries.

This positioning, at the intersection of these three critical disciplines, allows us to leverage our IT expertise to develop, build and deliver solutions to your marketing problems quickly and efficiently. Because quality, accuracy and innovation are embedded into the company's DNA, our research teams will never force you to make the classic integrity versus budget compromises.

And because we are fiercely focused on delivering actionable but practical results that will help you achieve your business goals, you can be sure that the research investment you make will be repaid many times over.

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