Each day, business people have to make decisions that will, in some way, shape the future of their companies. The outcome of some of these decisions is within the control of the company itself: success or failure depends on the effective execution of a sound strategy.

But some factors are outside the direct control of a company's decision-makers. Consumer behavior, for example, cannot be managed. But it can be modeled, and therefore predicted. The fundamental objective of market research is to allow companies to 'rehearse' the potential future outcomes of the decisions they face, to mitigate the risk involved in making the wrong one.

In that context, our singular focus is to understand what drives consumer behavior in order to help our clients manage the risks associated with uncertain outcomes.

We understand that if we are to play such a key role in shaping our clients' futures, our research needs to be innovative, rigorous, and accurate - this is why we invest heavily and continuously in:

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