Undoubtebly, we become what we envision

Forge New Growth Paths and New Markets

Two world-views dominate business thinking on innovation: determinists believe accurate collection and analysis of data is the key to understanding the future. Entrepreneurs' view is best summed up by one of the pioneers of the personal computer, Alan Kay, who said: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

These views lead to very different market behaviors. 'Determinists' favor a 'slow and steady' approach, where no new initiatives are undertaken without extensive analysis.

Entrepreneurs rely on their instincts. They move quickly to execute on their passionately held beliefs, but their focus on the rewards of success sometimes blinds them to the risks of failure.

At Advanis, we recognize the strengths of both approaches. We are committed to achieving the highest standards of data collection and analysis to empower our clients' decision making. But we also recognize the vital role of entrepreneurial businesses in making markets.

Our array of analytical and interpretive tools allow us to model and predict consumers' behavior with precision, yet take into account the impact of market movers. We can help determinist thinkers avoid the risks of not acting (or of acting too slowly), and we can mitigate the risks involved in forging new growth paths and new markets.

Understand the complex interplay between brand, pricing, and new product development — and the consumer's response to them — it's crucial to your success.

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