Launch (more) successful products: Issue

"35 percent of all new products now fail to achieve minimum acceptable market share or financial return — and the failure rate is rising" Booz Allen.

We cherish our visionaries, with good reason. Their imagination has forged our world. The ability to call forth new product or service propositions out of the ether and to create whole new markets has fuelled the development of our society for the past few centuries.

But vision is no longer enough. Today's markets are fast and unforgiving - there's very little room for error, or 'post-launch' corrections. In addition, resources are stretched; you may have a host of ideas, but it's likely that they will be competing with a host of others for a diminishing pot of internal resource.

Choosing which products to back, and how to position them is critical. Locking down a feature set which will appeal to your target market without breaking the R&D budget is just as crucial.